A Decalogue To Save The Forests

by Apocalypse now? Luca Lombroso

  • Drastically reduce the use of fossil fuels
  • Browse the consumption of meat, especially beef
  • Factorize the origin of wood objects avoiding those from tropical countries
  • Use recycled paper and / or paper from cultivated trees in a sustainable way
  • Evise foods and cosmetics that contain palm oil : Oil palm crops take off forests and threaten, among other things, the extinction of Orangotango!
  • Limits the consumption of fruit and exotic products; for those who consume choose the fair market
  • Information on the origin of aquarium fish, turtles and other exotic animalsInformation on any product and its origin, even the most unlikely as charcoal for barbecue, shrimp, biofuels
  • If you go in tropical countries, choose travel and ecotourism structures and not bring home protected products
    And in our territory use the above rules and plant trees
  • Also with your savings and investments influences the future of the planet: choose ethical finance not to fund, indirectly,
  • Compensate your emissions with forest protection and biodiversity projects, preferring those involving local populations