Ilena Project – The Ilena project is the first plan concerning social and environment items that FpS has started in partnership with the Association “Una vita per te”. The main aim is to rebuild the existing ex-loprosary and to build a dam which is needed for watering supplies and regenerating a forest.
Other reforestation projects are underway in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and Forests of Madagascar Regional Departments (DREF) and the Don Bosco, Fides and Trinitarian Sisters missions. Among them: -Mahajanga Antsanitia reforestation of 189 hectares; -SaKalalina, reforestation of 130 hectares to protect the aquifer of the hospital, project of training of environmental educators and professional guides; -Mahasoa Manamby, reforestation of 280 hectares, construction of Ambaramino school and reconstruction of the road and connecting bridges